Tradizione Siciliana
Carretti siciliani - Trinacria
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The symbol of Sicily, represents the geographic aspect and its history.
The Trinacria is composed of a Head and three legs ( called Triskel ) directly linked to the cape. It is a Gorgon, or one of the monsters of ancient Greek mythology that were represented with serpents instead of hair , wings , fangs, etc. The choice of this Gorgon is thought to be due to the use in the folk tradition of objects with monsters and deities to drive away the negativity.The three legs represent the three promontories of sicily with its toes and then Head Pachino ( Siracusa-sicily ), Capo Peloro, Torre Faro Messina ) and Cape Lilibeo ( Marsala ) in this way is like if you traced a triangle from which the Trinacria to identify the island.
In roman times they were entered in the symbol the ears of wheat as a symbol of the great abbandanza of grain in this Land that became the breadbasket of the empire, and so an emblem of fertility and prosperity.
In popular tradition, the Trinacria is Sicily in a mix of geographical identification and mythology, and is considered a good luck charm.

This item is made of ceramic and hand decorated with the decorations of prickly pears .

trinacria-decorata-con-fichi-dindia trinacria-decorata-con-fichi-dindia trinacria-decorata-con-fichi-dindia trinacria-decorata-con-fichi-dindia
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