Ceramiche Seby


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Ceramiche Seby

Single seat

S. S. 114 n.9 Mili Marina

98131 Messina

Email: info@ceramicheseby.com

Phone: 0039 090 6811307


0039 3281884739


Frequently Asked questions / FAQ

How do I order?


After you have entered in the shopping cart, the selected products, fill complete your details and make the payment.

You will receive an email summary of the order just submitted, and then the latter will receive the confirmation email to the email address you entered during the purchase procedure.

How can I make the payment?


The accepted payment methods are Bank Transfer , credit Card and Prepaid cards , Paypal and cash on delivery.

Payment with cash requires a tax surcharge of €4,00


When will my order be shipped?


Each order containing the available items is shipped in the same day if submitted by 12:00 A. M.

For orders in the next time will be sent the following working day.

Orders with items booked/ordered require longer due to their craftsmanship , the times will be communicated promptly by email after the order confirmation.


With which courier is shipping?


All orders are dispatched by courier SDA. For different needs inform in the notes of the order.


Being fragile can I have the shipping insured?


All items shipped from our site travelling with insured shipping.

What do I do if items are damaged?


At the time of delivery , as the goods are fragile , always apply to the acceptance of the package for internal control and if there are damages to the outer packaging report it on the delivery receipt.

If the items inside are damaged , photograph the content in a clear and exhaustive manner, and send an e-mail to the address ordinifallati@ceramicheseby.com so as to be able to instruct the insurance practice and be able to replace the faulty product.

Can I make my order?

Yes. Returns can be made within 14 days of receipt of goods by sending a notice to resi@ceramicheseby.com

How do I get the refund?


After having made the articles of your order, you wait for the arrival of the goods at our office,subsequently you will be controlled the integrity of the returned product, and in the case of acceptance, a refund will be granted on the payment method used previously ( in the case of cash payment should be provided as a current account or another tool to make the payment).

Is usually made within 14 working days.

Can I customize one or more of the articles?


Yes.You can achieve all what you want!You can request a form, or a particular object to accomplish, especially for you , commissioned on design , as well as you can change the decorations and the colors of the article that you like so much...Dare,you can!

NB. Personalised items cannot be returned.

The proposed articles are reproduced in the series?


All the articles on this site are handcrafted.They are created from clay and hand-made or according to the use of specific techniques for the processing and all, without distinction, are painted entirely by hand.

Can be made the amount you want, but each article itself remains Unique,because it is the craftsmanship itself, which allows each object to not be a copy but the original.It is a Distinctive Character and a Value. In addition, all the articles are signed, and this certifies their authenticity in addition protect them from any abuse use (D. lgs. 30/2005 and subsequent amendments and supplements) . For more info check out the art.6 and 11 in the general conditions of sale and art.8 in the general conditions of use of the page www.ceramicheseby.com/condizioni-generali .

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